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Girl's Weekend Quilt
Just for fun...
Jo... the goofy girl behind it all.
Welcome to my website.  I hope you have enjoyed visiting so far. I have been sewing for years and years. As a very small girl growing up in Duluth, Minnesota, my sister and I were always making something. Fabric is just one medium I love to play with. As a teen, clothes were #1. When I married and later a baby was on the way, I switched to baby blankets, clothes and home decor. Once it was determined I wasn't going to be blessed with a baby girl (which is not a sad thing at all), I had to find a way to express my creative side.  I made fancy bags with a thousand pockets for little cars and a play mat with a road on it to drive them around, tried to solve the Lego storage issues, sleeping bags for stuffed animals, etc.  Then one day my Mom-in-law, Nancy, told me about the quilts she was making. Bam! Shazam! Zippity Doo Dah... I was hooked!

Leap ahead 12 years... "hear me roar"!  The whole "40+, I can do anything as a woman of today" war chant hits and I decide to follow my dreams.  The experience has been fantastic and is only getting better!  
"Life is too short not to have chickens."
Chickens... what does that have to do with quilting, you ask?  Well, not much, but I decided about a year ago that life is just too short to keep putting off all the fun things I want to do, see, try, eat, make, break, jump over... you get the idea.  I have wanted to get a flock of chickens for some time now.  My husband, Mike, has tried desperately to discourage the whole idea... but I was not about to stop dreaming about them.

I woke up on my birthday with the strongest vision of what I HAD to do.  That was the moment I switched directions in my life and decided that not only was I going to get those pesky chickens, but I was going to pursue my dream of designing quilts as a career!  Within a week I was setting up a studio in the upstairs of my husband's machine shop.  The Fat Quarter Gypsy was born! 

Now, back to those feathered friends... my new found determination also wanted chickens.  So, one weekend when my husband was occupied at a dirt bike race, I went out and bought 6 chickens.  Possession is 9/10th of the law... right?  Needless to say, the chickens are adorable and I just love them!

As my ever-spinning brain finds focus and a new quilt is designed, I will continue to share them with you all.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I LOVE dreaming them up!

Other fun things I have made over the years...
The camper behind my logo... Shirley!

Pop on over to my "Glamorization of Shirley" page to see the pictures as I work on renovating her into the Glamper of my Dreams!!