The Fat Quarter Gypsy Quilt Designs
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Retired Cover
Downloadable Circle Templates:
Click on the pop up above for more pop up inspiration!
Stabilizer Tips:
I like to use SF101 Shapeflex Fusible by Pellon.

There is no stabilizer on the base circles.

Both the Inner and Outer Sides will have stabilizer.

My preferred method is to cut the stabilizer slightly larger than the final dimension of the side, fuse it according to the manufacturer's instructions, and then cut the side down to the final dimension.

For the Medium Pop Up
Cut at least 10" H x 27" W
Apply Stabilizer to Side
Cut down to final dimension of 9-1/2" H x 26-1/2" W

I do this because the hot iron can cause slight shrinkage.  This is just a suggestion... it is not going to be a large problem is you get a tiny bit of shrinkage.  

FQG122 Stacking Pop-Ups correction:
Mini does not include fabric for the optional ties.
You will need an additional 1-1/2" x 20".
Or... you can also use the elastic included with the spring.