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Have You Met my Chickens?

by Joanne Hillestad on 12/10/18

Good Evening Everyone!

Tonight I am going to introduce you to my chickens.  I have 4.  I have had many, but only 4 remain.  I lost 6 in a coop fire.  That was not a good day.  A few got sick or died of old age.  I had to cull one... well, my husband Mike did the deed.  I couldn't do it.  Poor Sally was so sick and nothing was helping. This is the life of a chicken Mom. 

Here are my first chickens when they were babies...

But the bad days are few and far between.  Most days are fun!  Chickens are a hoot.  They follow you around the yard like you are their best friend.  They eat ticks and other bugs.  Earthworms are extra yummy! In general, they are funny and I love having them!  Plus, they supply eggs.  Yeah!

So, let's meet them!

First up in Phyllis.  He is my Polish Rooster.  Yes, I said he.  We were told he was a hen... but no.  Phyllis used to have a brother named Diller.  Phyllis and Diller... you will understand why when you see his picture.

Next are Blondie and Zoe (and Bob Ross peeking behind them)

and Lastly... Bob Ross... the hen. 

So, there they are!  My chickens.


Life Is Too Short Not To Have Chickens!!!

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