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I'm Hungry For Cookies...

by Joanne Hillestad on 12/06/18

Let's Talk Christmas Cookies
I have a craving for frosted sugar cookies... a bad craving.
So, since I need to blog about something, why not share my favorite holiday recipes?

I have no pictures of baked cookies, I am trying very hard to resist this temptation. 
But I will share pictures from my actual cookbook from 8th grade Home Ec class.
I sold dozens of cookbooks in 8th grade so I could go on a field trip to
Betty Crocker in Minneapolis in 9th grade.
It was a great field trip.
I listened to my Madonna cassette tape all the way there and back
(about 3 hours each way from Duluth in 1985).
Magical Field Trip... Magical! 

So, to all of my neighbors and relatives who bought cookbooks in 1984, thank you!

The first 2 recipes are from my Grandma Mary.

Mary's Sugar Cookies

These are the best... no other sugar cookies even compare.  

Next up is 
Grandma Mary's Spritz

I'm starting to feel a strong pull to my stand mixer and baking ingredients...

Lastly is a recipe my Mother In Law introduced me to... no idea if it is a family recipe or just a good one she found somewhere. 
I'm going to guess this is supposed to be the famous cake from the Waldorf Astoria Hotel... but who knows??
Waldorf Cake and Frosting

and because I love cookies and cakes so much this time of year... I bought myself a new cookbook today.
My doctor suggested it at my visit in June... Ugh.

Happy Holiday Baking Everyone!

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1. Kari Schell said on 12/7/18 - 05:51PM
I have the exact same Woldorf cake recipe from my mother. She made it every year for Christmas. I remember loving the frosting. However I was a little concerned about the bottle of red die that goes into the Chocolate cake. Is that even safe?

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