Masterpiece Quilting's Christmas Collection Blog Hop : How to fight Lex Luther using only fabric
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Masterpiece Quilting's Christmas Collection Blog Hop

by Joanne Hillestad on 07/22/19

It is Christmas in July!

I am excited to show you what I made using the
Masterpiece Quilting's Christmas Collection Book!

This book is full of great holiday designs.  I decided to make a pop up using two of the designs. Today I'll share the Wreath Runner and Wall Hanging version.

I used precut 10" squares for the reds, greens and tans on the pieced outside.  I had a coordinating 3/4 yd of tan that I used for the inside and both base circles.  

This is a Large Stacking Pop-Up using spring FQG124.
I pieced wreath blocks following the instructions for the table runner.  
Then I added coping strips between each block and above and below.

I pieced the coping strips so I could mix it up a bit for more variety.  You could use the same fabric as the inside for a more cohesive look.  

I added 4" strips between and 3" strips above.
This made the side slightly large than I needed for the FQG122 Stacking Pop-Up pattern.

When I finished piecing the wreath blocks and coping strips, I fused stabilizer to the entire unit.  This gives the side more body and helps keep the seam allowances from fraying once it is a finished pop up.

For the appliqued bow, I used Barely There Fusible Adhesive.  It is a medium heat, quick to fuse product that I really like.  It stays soft and flexible even if you layer many pieces.

I like to use an applique foot and a buttonhole stitch when I do my applique stitching.  The foot makes it so easy to see exactly where the stitches are landing.  The buttonhole stitch is just my favorite.  It is quick and forgiving.  Easy to pivot around curves and corners.

I then trimmed the side down to the size listed in the pop up pattern.  I took the extra width off the coping strip and the extra height from the bottom.

Once this was done, I followed the pattern exactly and finished the pop up!

Thanks for stopping by!

Items you need to complete this project:
Red fabric - one 10" square
Green fabric - four 10" squares
Tan fabric - seven 10" squares and 3/4 yard for inside, bases and ties of pop up.

Masterpiece Quilting's Christmas Collection Book
Shapeflex Stabilizer by Pellon (SF101)
Barely There Fusible Adhesive - 1/8 yd or so.
FQG122 Stacking Pop Up Pattern
FQG124 Large Pop Up Refill

Make sure to check the Masterpiece Quilting Blog each day from now through August 2nd, 2019
for more fun stops on the hop!  I'll be posting on 7/29/19 with another fun pop up
using the Jingle Bells Quilt + Wall Hanging.  

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