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Pixelating Blog Hop... Too Much Fun!!

by Joanne Hillestad on 12/04/18

Today is my day for the Pixelating Blog Hop... or as I call it.  The Pixel Blog Hop.  lol.  Pixelating is such a long word.

I am quickly becoming addicted to making pixel quilts.  I have made 3 so far and am working on another now.  
I would love to show you the quilts I have made... but they are Christmas gifts and the lucky people who will receive the gifts may see this post.  So, you will all have to wait until a post right after Christmas!  I'll plan to loop back on the 26th with pictures.

I can show you a fun pop up my sister made using Quiltoni's book, Designing Block Quilts. The technique was easy to follow and fun!  The sky is really the limit for what you can do with block quilts... or block pop ups!

The first thing to do is to choose a subject... my sister decided on a butterfly.  Here is her inspiration image:

She graphed it out and creating this using graph paper:

Then she pieced the side of the pop up, added stabilizer and sewed it up.  This is a large stacking pop up:

Didn't it turn out cute!!!  It is so bright and happy.  

So, here are a few peeks at the pixel quilt I am working on right now... I used Electric Quilt to draft the quilt instead of graph paper.  I created a quilt with all 4" blocks and then created the pattern using fabrics pre-loaded in the software.  At first I made every block a 4 patch.  After I had the initial design figured out, I went back and changed the blocks that only had 1 or 2 colors into either solid blocks or half blocks.  It worked like a charm!!

and here is is partially sewn:

If you don't want to draft your own block quilts... hop over to Quiltoni's websiteand check out her patterns.  They are too much fun!!

Toni is also on Twitch live streaming every week.  On Friday I am going to be a guest commentator while she sews a Wire-Framed Tote.  I will be there to answer questions and just hang out!  Toni is raising money for St. Jude's.  Chec it out starting by 1pm EST on Friday, December 7th!  It should eb a lot of fun!!

Now it is time to learn about the blog hop prizes... they are awesome!!

Make sure you read each of the hoppers blogs.  They are making some pretty cool things.

Nov 27 - Quiltoni - Welcome and Introduction of Bloggers and Giveaway https://quiltoni.blogspot.com/ 
Nov 28 -   Kate Colleran Designs, LLC -   http://seamslikeadream.com/blog/ 
Nov 29 -   A&E Gutermann -   http://www.seewhatmaterializes.com/blog/ 
Nov 30 -   Triangle Frenzy LLC -   https://trianglefrenzy.blogspot.com/ 
Dec 1 -   Desert Bloom Quilting -   https://www.desertbloomquilting.com/blog/
Dec 2 - Quiltoni - /https://quiltoni.blogspot.com/
Dec 3 -   Tamarinis -   https://tamarinis.typepad.com/ 
Dec 4 -   The Fat QuarterGypsy -   http://www.fatquartergypsy.com/Lex-Luther-Blog.html 
Dec 5 -   Around the Bobbin -   https://aroundthebobbin.com/blog/ 
Dec 6 -   Quilting Affection Designs  -   http://quiltingaffection.blogspot.com/ 
Dec 7 -   Muppin Inc -   http://blog.muppin.com/
Dec 8 - Winners Announced
I wouldn't be the giveaway queen and this wouldn't be a Blog Hop without some giveaways.  So what are the giveaways?  We have some pretty cool ones.


That's right!  You can win your very own Arrow Wicked Cosplay Hydraulic Sewing Chair!  Gutermann is also giving away a cool thread pack and of course a few books will be given out.  To qualify just follow all of the blog hop participants Instagram Pages!  You can find them on our giveaway page here and you will be automatically entered to win and following and clicking enter!

So make sure you check out every day of the blog!

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