Fiesta de Azucar - Farmer Mary - Block 2 : How to fight Lex Luther using only fabric
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Fiesta de Azucar - Farmer Mary - Block 2

by Joanne Hillestad on 07/07/17


Fiesta de Azucar

A Blog Hop...9 Designers, 9 Sugar Skull Blocks, 2 Border Options

Week #2
Farmer Mary - In honor of my Grandma
I'm so excited to tell you about my Grandma Mary!  She lived on a farm in Northern Minnesota. As a kid, we used to visit every Summer. One of the things I remember most was exploring the barns and gardens with Grandma. I decided to use veggies on my skull because she passed her green thumb on to my mom... who then passed it on to me! The picture below is my Grandpa Ted and Grandma Mary with one of her cherished Irish Setters... Princess or Queen.  

The farm was a long way off the main road. Along the driveway wild Pink Lady Slippers grew.  Lady Slippers are rare, so having some growing on your property was a treat!  Did you know it takes the Lady Slipper 16 years before it blooms? They can live to 50 years old as well!  Crazy!  We used to get so excited when we would find one! On a side note, the Pink Lady Slipper is the Minnesota State Flower.

Here is a picture is of my mom skiing on the farmstead one winter in the mid 40's.

Time to show you some of the decorative stitching I added. I am a total rookie when it comes to embroidery. I gave it my all... and fell in love the 12wt Aurifil thread in the process... so nice to work with! 

I stitched around the flower with 50wt Aurifil thread.  Then I added the chunky stitching in teal to give it a little pizzazz.

The haystack cheeks were a lot of fun. I stitched the pitchfork (a little uneven) and then added the yellow to give it some dimensional straw.

The carrot needed some wrinkles.

Lastly, I added the chicken footprints. I do love chickens you know!

Of course... I had to put my Sugar Skull on a pop-up! 

I used the Stacking Pop-Up Pattern, 1 Large Pop-Up Refill, and 3 different Sugar Skulls.  
I appliqued the skulls directly onto the Outer Side piece.  It was an easy way to make something fun!  Information about the extra pre-steps I took is included with the download of my Sugar Skull pattern.

Did you miss week 1's block? The Painted Lady by Purple Moose Designs... pattern is still available for purchase from Craftsy.

Blog Hop Details:
July 1st through August 26th 2017 each designer will release their skull design. On September 2nd and September 9th there will be two border designs released. Here’s the schedule along with the participants and their blogs.

July 1st – Block 1 – Terri Sontra, Purple Moose Designs

July 8th – Block 2 – Joanne Hillestad, Fat Quarter Gypsy

July 15th – Block 3 – Vicki Hansen, Cranberry Pie Designs

July 22nd – Block 4 – Cheryl Sleboda, Muppin

July 29th – Block 5 – Penni Domikis, Cabin In The Woods Quilters

August 5th – Block 6 – Tammy Silvers, Tamarinis

August 12th – Block 7 – Kate Colleran, Seams Like A Dream Quilt Designs

August 19th – Block 8 – Susan Emory, Swirly Girls Design

August 26th – Block 9 – Trish Frankland, Persimon Dreams

September 2nd – Border Option #1 – Tammy Silvers, Tamarinis

September 9th – Border Option #2 – Terri Sontra, Purple Moose Designs

October 30th – Prize winner announcements

Patterns, Prizes and other info:
Full instructions (total cost... $3) for Farmer Mary and info to make a pop-up are on my  Craftsy page.  Check out the next stops in the blog hop for more blocks.There will be two different border options at the end.

How to enter:
Make any project with at least one of our skull blocks, post a photo on our FaceBook group page and you get a shot at some great prizes. It’s really just that simple…

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