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Hello Blog Hop

by Joanne Hillestad on 07/17/17


Let's have a chat about a terrific fabric line by Susan Emory for Michael Miller Fabrics... Hello.

The collection is so much fun!  The retro phone prints are my favorite!

Here are some of the other prints I love:

There are also ransom letters that you can use on all sorts of fun projects! 

I had a blast creating with Hello...

The first thing I made was a small project bag from my pattern Bag It Up.  How cute is that?  Super cute!

I just love the polka dots and hashtag prints! This is a mini version of my Wingman pop up pattern. The base has a great pincushion and spool loops to hold my thread while I  stitch on those bindings!

The Wingman pop up also has a small version (size is based on the spring size used). The small version is terrific sitting next to your machine! It also has a pincushion base, pockets and spool loops for your thread!

The last project I made is a medium stacking pop up with ransom letters on it... I can't reveal exactly what this one says... so I'll just tease you will half of the letters.

Thanks for stopping by my blog to see all the fun I had with Susan's Hello collection!

Time for a giveaway!
Leave a comment below telling me what you would put ransom letters on for a chance to win fun prizes!
Comments deadline is midnight on Sunday 7/23/17.  Drawing will be held on Monday 7/24/17.

IMPORTANT: If you don't want to leave your email address... that's fine.  However, you have to check back on Monday to see if you won.  If I don't hear back from you within 10 days a new winner will be chosen. Thanks!!

1. FQG133 Wingman Pattern, Spring, and Spool Loops
2. FQG122 Stacking Pop Up Pattern and Medium Spring

Comments (53)

1. Janie M said on 7/17/17 - 08:47AM
I would put ransom letters on a tote.
2. Kathie L said on 7/17/17 - 09:28AM
I would put a name on a quilt, plus some adjectives to describe the person
3. Karen Crafts said on 7/17/17 - 09:36AM
I'd put ransom letters on dish towels and totes!
4. Brenda said on 7/17/17 - 10:41AM
On a quilt.
5. Kathy E. said on 7/17/17 - 12:30PM
The Hello bundle is adorable and you look like you enjoyed every stitch in using it! I would use the ransom letters to put a name on the cuff of a hand-made pillowcase. I know my nephews and nieces would love it! duchick at gmail dot com
6. Cecilia said on 7/17/17 - 01:07PM
I would put letters on a baby quilt. cecilialyoung at gmail.com
7. Kris B said on 7/17/17 - 01:09PM
I would put them on a tote bag I am making for my daughter the teacher for school.
8. Allison Evrard said on 7/17/17 - 01:15PM
I think I'd put the ransom letters on a tote bag for my granddaughter.
9. Lisa M. said on 7/17/17 - 01:21PM
Would definitely put ransom letters on my handmade purse!
10. Beth T. said on 7/17/17 - 03:10PM
I'm making a "colors" book for my nephew, and might spell out the names of the colors (depending on the colors of the letters...) or I might use the letters to add names to pillowcases, which always makes them "extra-special".
11. Patricia said on 7/17/17 - 03:13PM
A wall quilt with one of so many sewing quotes, a banner or a birthday quilt
12. Patti said on 7/17/17 - 03:17PM
I would use them to make my name tag for my quilt guild! cokerun at charter dot net
13. Gill said on 7/17/17 - 03:21PM
A picnic quilt!!
14. Johanna said on 7/17/17 - 03:23PM
Ransom letters would make a great border on a kids quilt.
15. Kim S said on 7/17/17 - 04:05PM
I think the ransom letters would be awesome on placemats. lilypatchquilts at yahoo dot com
16. Michele T said on 7/17/17 - 04:31PM
I'd make a makeup bag for my daughter and add a quirky phrase..
17. Susan L. said on 7/17/17 - 04:49PM
I think ransom letters would make a cute backing for a quilt. susan430 at cox dot net
18. Hannah W said on 7/17/17 - 04:54PM
I'd definitely personalize the birthday gifts I make for my nieces...they have unusual names that you don't find on most personalized gifts
19. Cathy Calloway said on 7/17/17 - 04:57PM
I've been wanting to make fabric boxes - random letters would be great!
20. Laura said on 7/17/17 - 04:58PM
I'm making a science theme quilt for my daughter and i'd use the letters to accent my design.
21. Pamela Wright said on 7/17/17 - 05:13PM
I would use the letters on a mug rug or on a tote bag, maybe on a child's quilt. So many possibilities! Thanks for your ideas for this great new fabric line. kinderpam@gmail.com
22. Susan Spiers said on 7/17/17 - 05:19PM
I love your little bag-so cute! I would love to make an apron & put cooking words on it! I love my aprons! Thank you, Susan
23. Lisa Marie said on 7/17/17 - 05:40PM
The letters would be cute on a bright baby quilt. jklmengland at windstream dot net
24. Linda Webster said on 7/17/17 - 05:41PM
I'll put ransom letters on a decorator pillow. lin.web.28 at gmail dot com
25. Mary Jane said on 7/17/17 - 06:45PM
I would cut up the letters and leave Birthday greetings on my Facebook page.
26. Lori Smanski said on 7/17/17 - 07:05PM
what fun fabrics. I think a sewing machine cover would be grand
27. tac said on 7/17/17 - 07:27PM
I'd make a new lunch bag for my sister who is a teacher with letters of her name.
28. Debby E said on 7/17/17 - 08:23PM
What a fabulous baby quilt random letters would make - cozy and able to teach as well!! :)
29. Debby E said on 7/17/17 - 08:25PM
what a great baby quilt Random Letters would make - cozy and able to teach as well!! samtaylorcjsmimi at yahoo dot com
30. Susan Gr said on 7/17/17 - 09:10PM
I would put the letters on our beach bags. I would love that orange hashtag fabric for those bags! It's amazing and I don't even like the color orange!
31. Lori Morton said on 7/17/17 - 09:18PM
LOVE this collection!! I would make a Tote for myself..and one for the Beach for my Daughter in NC! Would put fun words on them with the letters! What a cool idea! Thanks for the inspiration! :) bearpaws9(at)copper(dot)net
32. Chris said on 7/18/17 - 01:14AM
I would put them on a tote bag for a friend. Jmikebalou (at) aol (dot) com
33. Kathy Slaughter Cummings said on 7/18/17 - 01:40AM
I would put them on a tote!! Thank you.
34. Fireside Quilter said on 7/18/17 - 06:37AM
I'd love to make a large project tote bag to take my quilt projects with me when I'm travelling.i think I'd add a phrase "I'm so creative, I sparkle"
35. Jayne Willis said on 7/18/17 - 08:35AM
I think the letters would be fun to add to a mini quilt for my sewing room!
36. Verna A. said on 7/18/17 - 09:58AM
I'd like to make a wall hanging with a fun saying on it. quiltingloon10 at gmail.com
37. Deborah Pearcey said on 7/18/17 - 02:21PM
I would like to put letters on a baby blanket, a pillow case or some placemats.
38. Anita Jackson said on 7/18/17 - 02:41PM
Susan Emory's free pattern is what I would like to make for certain! I love her word quilts! quiltlovefordomesticfelicity(at)gmail(dot)com
39. Anita Jackson said on 7/18/17 - 02:42PM
I would love to make one of Susan Emory's word quilts! so neat! quiltlovefordomesticfelicity(at)gmail(dot)com
40. lee said on 7/18/17 - 06:24PM
I am loving the word quilts!!
41. Rebecca K. said on 7/19/17 - 12:53AM
It would be great for zippered pouches!
42. Ali said on 7/19/17 - 08:06AM
Those letters would be great on a mini quilt I am making! Thanks for the chance!
43. Rosalind Gutierrez said on 7/19/17 - 10:00AM
I would put words on a clever tote bag. rozz01 at cox dot net
44. Nicole Sender said on 7/19/17 - 10:52PM
I would put letters on a tote for my grandson! nikilsend(at)outlook(dot)com
45. Marilyn H. said on 7/20/17 - 07:07AM
I would put ransom letters on a new cover for my sewing machine. I also need a new book bag and adding letters would be fun. mfhagopian@aol.com
46. Deborah B. said on 7/20/17 - 11:28AM
I would put the letters on a little wall quilt for my grandchildren. deborah(dot)k(dot)browning(@)gmail(dot)com
47. LJ said on 7/20/17 - 12:19PM
HI,ON MY SHOPPING TOTE! msstitcher1214@gmail.com
48. Margaret said on 7/20/17 - 02:17PM
Anything goes! This is a wonderful fabric line Thanks'f for the give away 33mm33griffiths@gmail.com
49. Pam Jolly said on 7/20/17 - 08:48PM
I want to make a wall quilt with a special message for my grandkids. rogerpamjolly at yahoo dot com
50. Ellee said on 7/21/17 - 07:55AM
Kathy E's idea for putting names on the cuffs of pillowcases is a great one. I'd do that for my grandchildren for sure. -- soparkaveataoldotcom
51. MoeWest said on 7/21/17 - 08:07AM
Ransom letters would be great for so many projects! I would make placemats for the grandkids. maureen dot mate at gmail dot com
52. Bunnie C said on 7/21/17 - 10:02AM
Joanne, Your logo looks great with Susan's fabric, so that is a "Great Logo" And neat fabric for your great patterns! I gotta do more pop-ups!
53. The Fat Quarter Gypsy - Jo said on 7/24/17 - 11:25AM
And the winners are... Nicole Sender - Wingman Pop Up Prize Pam Jolly - Stacking Pop Up Prize Pam... you have until midnight on 8/3 to send me am email (you can use the form on my Contact Me page). If I don't hear from you a new winner will be chosen. Thanks everyone and congrats to the winners!! Jo

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